Positive Practice Partnership - Developing Excellence in Family Recovery

Training, accreditation and consultancy

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Positive Practice is the only authorised training, accreditation and consultancy organisation in the UK for the CRA interventions. 

Our trainers provide professional training and supervision to practitioners, while our management team offers strategic consultancy to service managers and commissioners.


Two-day programmes are delivered by our trainers. Multi-service or bespoke in-house courses offer in-depth instruction to workers so they have a solid working knowledge of CRA, ACRA or CRAFT, all recommended within NICE clinical guidelines.

The programmes are designed for workers, service and line managers, and commissioners of recovery-oriented treatment systems and family and carer services.

Training is an interactive, skills-based learning experience involving a mix of teaching and learning styles – coupled with group discussion, role-playing and rehearsal.

We aim to ensure that staff have a solid working knowledge of the CRA, ACRA or CRAFT process and how to apply it effectively when working with individuals, families or groups. They receive a power-point presentation of the two-day programme.

The broad aims of the courses are to:

  • Decrease substance use
  • Increase family functioning
  • Encourage loved ones into treatment


Delegates are encouraged to become accredited practitioners, supported by Positive Practice in demonstrating how to use core procedures to a set global standard.

A participant would digitally record and submit an average of 10 client sessions for coding, with timely detailed feedback given outlining their strengths and any areas needing attention.

Accreditation works best when started within three months of training. It assesses the learning quality, intervention delivery, and is designed to improve families' lives and add value to services,


Embedding CRA, ACRA or CRAFT into a service can present challenges for service managers or commissioners working with services.

The starting point is a pre-site visit assessment through email exchanges to inform on existing practice, higher level aims and objectives, and operational needs followed by a one-day on-site assessment of paperwork, workers’ skills, carers’ opinions, and service outcomes.

A detailed report on integrating the relevant intervention is then prepared with recommended actions and time lines. We will, if required, continue to work with a client to ensure a smooth transition from a current way of operating to introducing the CRA, ACRA or CRAFT methodology.


Helpline:  0773 871 8253