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The Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) is a psycho-social intervention designed to help people impacted by substance misuse.

It is centred on a functional analysis of their behaviour and the use of positive reinforcement by their family worker in encouraging them to change their lifestyle.

Government recommends evidence-based interventions in helping substance misusers enter treatment – and global evidence of CRA’s effectiveness dating as far back as 45 years shows a success rate of more than 70 pct in achieving abstinence.

In one of the early studies from 1982 in The Journal of Behavioural Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry by Azrin, Sisson, Meyers and Godley, misusers engaging in CRA and prescribed with a disulfiram were abstinent for an average of 97 pct of days during the final month of the half-yearly follow up, while misusers in a combined CRA, 12-step and disulfiram programme were abstinent on 74 pct of days. Misusers on the 12-step programme and disulfiram were abstinent for only 45 pct of the time.

Further evidence is available from www.positivepracticepartnership.org.uk/research-into-cra-interventions/

CRA is founded on the belief that an individual’s environment plays a critical role in encouraging or discouraging substance misuse.

Therefore, the intervention uses a misuser’s environment or community – familial, social, recreational and occupational – reinforcers to support change in their drinking or substance misusing behaviour.

The goal is to make healthy, substance misuse-free living more rewarding than alcohol and drug misuse. 

On the two-day course, workers will to taught procedures to use to offer a tailor-made solution to help substance misusers to understand themselves in order to make different choices, including: 

  • building motivation to give up drinking and drug misuse
  • analysing drinking patterns
  • increasing positive reinforcement
  • learning new coping behaviours
  • involving concerned significant others in the recovery process

The multi-service courses cost £299 per attendeePositive Practice also delivers in-house CRA training at clients' premises with discounted pricing for more than 10 trainees. 

For further information email [email protected]  or ring 0773 871 8253.

After completing training, there is the option to proceed with accreditation through one-to-one or group supervision.

CRA multi-service course venue and dates: to be arranged


Helpline:  0773 871 8253