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Each time a substance misuser enters treatment with CRAFT a £44,000 annual saving is made on the public purse – at a time when drug and alcohol services must demonstrate they can offer more for less.

For just £250 a year, you can join the Community of Practice, giving your office direct access to expert advice from skilled practitioners who help transform peoples’ lives using the globally renowned evidence-based intervention. We offer:

  • Two UK-wide one-hour webinars a year to answer your live questions on using CRAFT with families or embedding it within your service
  • Two hours’ consultation with our CRAFT supervisors, who have delivered your training programme and are family workers themselves, answering your email and telephone queries
  • Up-to-date CRAFT research, plus course and accreditation information direct to your inbox

Using CRAFT skills family services tell us they:

  •  Meet their aims and objectives with greater focus, quality and efficiency
  •  Cut intervention time with families and deliver better outcomes for them
  •  Have better motivated workers using a structured approach to helping families

Claire Wadsworth, accredited CRAFT practitioner with Scottish Families Affected by Drugs, said: “CRAFT’s effectiveness struck home when the brilliant lady with whom I was working said on the last session that her son, a daily cannabis user for seven years, had finally gone to his GP to ask for support to stop.”

You can join our Community of Practice by emailing [email protected] or ringing 0773 871 8253. You can purchase more expert time for an extra £40 for each hour.



Helpline:  0773 871 8253