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High-impact, cost-effective drug and alcohol service interventions

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Positive Practice Partnership trains drug and alcohol service professionals in the evidence-based Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) structured interventions - bringing better lives for families and better performance for services.

Barnardo's, Turning Point, CGL, ADS, Phoenix Futures and Addaction are among services whose staff we have trained in CRAFT, which is designed to help families impacted by substance misuse, or CRA and ACRA, aimed at improving lives for adult and adolescent substance misusers respectively.

Positive Practice's clients also include local authorities in Derbyshire, Hertfordshire, Gloucestershire, Newcastle and North Tyneside.

Our trainers and supervisors are academically verified and supported by Dr Robert Meyers, Research Associate Professor Emeritus in Psychology at the US Centre on Alcoholism, Substance Use and Addictions (CASAA) and developer and researcher of CRA. He is patron of Positive Practice, the only training body he has authorised in the UK to offer the programme.

CRAFT helps make savings on the public purse

PROPS' performance data on a typical CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) programme of 32 carers shows that during a five-month period of intervention from initial assessment to exit:

  • Conflict between the carer and substance misuser decreased by 66 pct
  • Misusers entering treatment increased from 43 pct to 75 pct
  • Carers’ relationships with their families improved by 50 pct

Each time a substance misuser enters treatment with CRAFT, a £44,000 annual saving is made on the public purse. The figure is based on a Home Office measure of the economic cost of a misuser not working and the social cost to the criminal justice system, National Health Service and adult social care. PROPS' impact with its group of 32 carers is illustrated below:


Overall, the CRA interventions deliver the following outcomes:

For carers they:

  • Increase self-esteem, motivation and self-reliance
  • Improve communication with the misuser
  • Offer a better outlook on life

For substance misusers they:

  • Reduce substance misuse
  • Increase their likelihood of entering treatment
  • Help their progress if in treatment

For services they:

  • Improve efficiency and treatment structure
  • Reduce intervention time
  • Strengthen focus on supporting the whole family

Positive Practice’s range of services

Training: Managers and staff can learn CRA at two-day multi-service or in-house courses 

Accreditation: Workers can become accredited practitioners, meeting a quality global standard 

Consultancy: Services can improve existing practice by integrating the interventions

For further information please contact John Thompson, Business Development Manager, by email: [email protected] or by ringing 0773 871 8253.

* Positive Practice Partnership Ltd is a social enterprise. A minimum 10pct of annual revenues are invested in the services of the registered charity PROPS North East to support the delivery of core services to families across Newcastle and North Tyneside.

Helpline:  0773 871 8253